Month: December 2017

Reply from NEA: Dual chutes, online resources for households to boost recycling efforts

We refer to Mr Dhevarajan Devadas’ letter, “S’pore needs to do more to increase recycling rate of domestic waste” (Dec 10).

We agree with Mr Devadas that Singaporeans should sort their recyclables for recycling. They can deposit their recyclables into the blue recycling bins provided at every public housing block and landed home, and within condominium estates.

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S’pore needs to do more to increase recycling rate of domestic waste

By Dhevarajan Devadas

I join many readers to thank the refuse collectors who play such an important role in handling Singapore’s waste disposal (“Dirty job, but these garbage collectors refuse to let it get to them”; Dec 6). Their dedication to a largely thankless and unglamorous job is what prevents our streets and homes from overflowing with rubbish.

At the same time, Singaporeans can do much more to increase the recycling rate of domestic waste, which stands at just 21 per cent, much lower than cities in Taiwan and Japan.

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