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Historyogi Post Issue 69

Issue 69 of the Historyogi Post, is now open to ALL readers:

  • The infamous Tanjong Rhu entrapment case and subsequent Josef Ng affair
  • Bugis Street’s Dance of the Flaming Arseholes
  • History of sex toys and contraceptives
  • Singapore’s floating brothels: $5 per night inclusive of girls and food

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Historyogi Issue 68

The 68th issue of The Historyogi Post is out now!

  • Oxley Road saga reignites with accusations over LKY’s will
  • The Japanese massacre of thousands in Operation Sook Ching in 1942
  • Enduring national icons in Kandang Kerbau

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Historyogi Post Issue 67

The 67th issue of The Historyogi Post is out now!

  • The Singaporeans struggling with food insecurity in a food paradise
  • Radio Television Singapore’s first face on TV
  • Kadayanallur’s historical contribution to Tamil education in Singapore

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Historyogi Post Issue 66

The 66th issue of the Historyogi Post is out now!

  • The fascinating history of Singapore’s exotic animal trade
  • The landmark Goh Report which led to streaming in schools
  • Sharks, swamps & industry in Jurong

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Historyogi Post Issue 62

The 62nd issue of The Historyogi Post is out now!

  • Rising concern over govt’s use of POFMA against critics
  • Modi’s Hindu nationalist policies clash with India’s secular traditions
  • The deep military history of Jalan Kayu

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Historyogi Post Issue 61

The 61st issue of The Historyogi Post is out now!

  • The legacy of social work pioneer & educator Ann Wee
  • Transylvania’s rich water history
  • The forgotten massacre at Batang Kali

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