My weekly newsletter returns!

With 56 issues published so far, I took a break in late September for both personal and professional reasons. While I greatly enjoyed curating each week’s issue, it also took a tremendous amount of preparation even as my schedule became busier. I also undertook a comprehensive review of my future plans and commitments.

After this six-week hiatus, I’m pleased to announce that my weekly newsletter returns on November 4 as The Historyogi Post!

All existing subscribers of the Red Dot Digest are automatically subscribed to the Historyogi Post. New subscribers can sign up here.

Thanks to all my readers who gave thoughtful comments for the reader’s survey! Based on the feedback, I’ve streamlined the sections from five to four, and will aim to include more non-Western sources. The Historyogi Post retains the best of the Red Dot Digest while offering content with a greater focus on social, cultural, political and historical themes beyond the West.

I will also be introducing a new monthly column, The Yogi’s Verdict, which will review a book, journal article or exhibition related to Singapore or global history. My first column will be out on November 11 on my revamped website:

All past issues of the Red Dot Digest remain accessible here, along with upcoming issues of the Historyogi Post.

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