Announcing the new Historyogi Podcast

I’m launching a new podcast series that will accompany the Historyogi Post newsletter. Named the Historyogi Podcast, the series will seek to highlight lesser known aspects of local and regional history as well as current affairs issues. The first episode will be out later this month and will be available on Anchor, Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

If you have a compelling history, heritage or socio-political issue that you wish the podcast to cover, do send in your suggestions here

Changes to the Historyogi Post

1. After 81 issues over the past two and a half years, the Historyogi Post will become a monthly issue starting from January 2021. Released in the second half of every month, each issue will be packed with longer form features and historical tidbits:

  • Latest podcast episodes (at least 1 per month)
  • Digging Deeper (3 feature stories)
  • This Month in History (3 key historical events)
  • Down Memory Lane (2 road names)
  • Historyogi Review (see below)

2. The Yogi’s Verdict will become the Historyogi Review and will be a regular feature in every issue of the Historyogi Post. It will feature an in-depth review of a history or socio-political book, film, tv show or journal article

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