Europe 2019: A Journey through History & Culture

In October 2019, I embarked on my first ever trip to Europe. Over the 17-day journey, I visited museums and historic landmarks, caught up with friends, and sampled some amazing cuisine.

To join me on my epic journey through London, Berlin, Warsaw and Krakow, click the links below!

DAY 1 to DAY 3

DAY 4 to DAY 5

DAY 6 to DAY 7

DAY 8 to DAY 9

DAY 10 to DAY 13

DAY 14 to DAY 15

DAY 16 to DAY 17


  1. Some nice stops for a first visit of Europe 🙂

    It is a nice time to dream back on the trips of the past at the moment, while we all are just waiting to head out and explore new parts of the world. 🙂

    Are you planning a return to Europe?


    1. Thanks for stopping by! It’s always been a dream to visit Europe and I’m glad I got to do it before the pandemic hit. I’ll definitely return once it’s safe to do so. Top on my list will be Edinburgh, Prague, Vienna, Rome and Florence.


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