Krakow 2019 (Day 14-15)

Day 14

I bid farewell to Warsaw and hopped onto a high speed train for the 2 hour trip down to Krakow. I then spent the afternoon on a walking tour of the historic city.

All aboard the PKP Intercity Premium from Warsaw.
My hotel in Krakow was far more luxurious than I had expected.
Waiting for the walking tour to begin at St Florian’s Gate, an entrance into the Old Town.
The beautiful St Mary’s Basilica
Another view of the church.
Krakow Town Hall tower.
The Collegium Maius building of Jagiellonian University, the oldest university in Poland.
Collegium Maius also contains a musical clock featuring sculptures.
The ornate interior of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi
The Bishop’s Palace, where Pope John Paul II lived when he was the Archbishop of Krakow. He used to appear at the centre window to greet followers.
The magnificent Wawel Cathedral inside Wawel Castle, over 900 years old.
A panorama of Krakow’s Main Market Square.

What I ate

Had dinner in this extremely cosy Pierogi restaurant in the Old Town.
Didn’t I say it was cosy?
The lamb pierogis were even better than the ones in Warsaw.

Day 15

I spent the bulk of the day visiting the Auschwitz extermination camp near Krakow. I will have a separate post about it soon.

What I ate

Dined at the Piano Rouge, a bizarrely decorated basement restaurant.
Had this excellent chicken dish.
And creme brulee for dessert.
I had “sex on a piano”, which was a nice cocktail.
Wednesdays are jazz nights, so we had some live entertainment to go with dinner. She was good.

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