Warsaw 2019 (Day 10-13)

Day 10

On Day 10, I said farewell to Beerlin and set off for Warsaw via the Berlin-Warsaw Express. The six hour ride took me through the flat plains of Eastern Germany and Poland.

What I saw

Waiting in the cavernous station for my train to pull up.
The Berlin-Warsaw Express is a regular Polish service.
Crossed into Poland at the Oder River
Lush flat fields stretched into the horizon.
After 9 days of hostels, it was nice to have my own room again.
Toured Warsaw’s Ols Town Market Square after dinner. This is the Warsaw Mermaid, a symbol of the city.

What I ate

Met my Polish friend Jakub and his girlfriend at the Zapiecek restaurant. We had pierogi (Polish dumplings) and rye soup (Zurek). It was superb.
Jakub insisted we have a small toast with vodka.

Day 11

I spent the day sightseeing with my friend Jakub, and we visited several historic landmarks and museums.

What I saw

One of the remaining walls of the Warsaw Ghetto, where the Jews were imprisoned during the War.
The Warsaw Orthodox Synagogue, the only one to survive the war.
The Pawiak Prison Museum, where 37,000 Poles died during the German occupation.
The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews is located within the former Warsaw Ghetto.
The Museum has a wealth of exhibits on centuries of Jewish culture in Poland, including the Holocaust.
The most impactful exhibit were these original Star of David patches that Jews in Nazi controlled territories were forced to wear.
After lunch, we headed to the Palace of Culture and Science, a communist era tower that was a “gift” from the Soviet Union but hated by the Polish as a symbol of Soviet occupation.
Great views of Warsaw from the top.
Enjoying Czech beer with Jakub after touring the Palace.
Nowy Swiat, a street full of cafes and restaurants.

What I ate

Tried rye beer (Kvass) at a Georgian restaurant.
Had this boiled lamb with soup and potatoes for lunch.
Shared this stuffed pastry with sour cream.
Had Fettucine Marinara pasta for dinner near Jakub’s place.

Day 12

On Day 12, I visited the Warsaw Rising Museum, which took up most of the day.

What I saw

There was free entry on Sundays and I had to wait in a long line to get into the Warsaw Rising Museum.
A BMW motorcycle used by German motorised infantry.
Witold Pilecki, a Polish war hero who voluntarily got imprisoned in Auschwitz to collect intelligence and escaped. After the war, he was executed by the communists after a show trial. He was rehabilitated after the fall of communism in 1989.
A printing press used by the Polish resistance during the war.
A replica of the American Liberator bomber.
The old generators of the building, which was once the power station for Warsaw’s trolleybus network.
The museum’s external brick facade.

What I ate

Had some paçzek or Polish stuffed doughnuts from Nowy Swiat. The salted caramel one was so good.
Enjoyed a helping of doner kebab and fries from a Turkish takeout place along Nowy Swiat.
Had lamb and cheese for dinner at another Turkish restaurant with Jakub and his girlfriend.
Thanks to them both for their hospitality!
Ended the day with a cocktail at the hotel bar.

Day 13

I spent the day mostly catching up on work stuff online, as well as catching a breath after nearly 2 weeks of constant travelling. Chilled at the hotel.

The Chopin Museum on the left and my hotel on the right.
Enjoyed another round of pierogi and zurek.

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